Our Mission:

Providing technology service solutions to enable our clients to refocus on growth and technology development and streamline transformation, service and end-of-life tasks.

Services Offered:

Data Destruction

Utilization of the latest technology to sanitize your sensitive data to ensure no loss or leakage. We also offer physical media shredding. Meets all Dept. of Defense and HIPAA standards.

IT Inventory Disposal Consulting

We will work with you to develop a strategy for removal and dispoal of end of life IT assest. The strategy will take into consideration current value of used equipment at time of removal. Todayís price for used equipment may not be the same in 30, 60, or 90 days.

End-of-Life Disposition

Removal of equipment that has reached itís performance lifespan within your organization. All data will be sanitized and identifying markers will be removed. Equipment will attempt to be remarketed or recycled.

Transformations | Installations

We can assist in the installation of policies regarding secure data destruction. Detailed programs will be developed with the customer to meet every aspect of End of life removal and destruction needs.

Mass Media Destruction

Creation and implementation of hard drive and magnetic media destruction prior to removal from customer work site. Refresh projects and new workstation installations.

Community | Employee Recycling Event

Setup and Management of recycling events for community members and employees. Promote your GREEN initiatives by sponsoring a technology collection event for your local community and employees!